World-wide records and achievements
To achieve our undisputed quality and our innovative leading edge in the industry we have now more then 200 employees in mainland China at our headquarters in Beijing, the factory in Shenzhen, and at our sister company in Shanghai, that are constantly and actively contributing to creating something Great.
To perfectly meet our customers requirements in each corner of the world, we combine the high education levels and the motivation of our employees with our world-wide partner network of distributors, resellers, customers and service partners. Starting with customer consultation and advise, research and development, to production, manufacturing and service support, we include our expertise in every step of the process for a passionate Dragon Display experience. 

The ultimate added value based on innovation and emotion
We see ourselves as a partner and idea generator for our customers. In mutual dialogue we develop solutions, that convince technical as well as economical. It can be a standard product, an innovative newly designed product, or an OEM solution - our comprehensive knowledge as a technological industry leader is reflected in every Dragon Display product. For all customers that - as Dragon Display - have the future in sight. 

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