Particularly for control systems and processors we offer a world-wide online support, if the customer can install remote access software tools, such as VPN or Team Viewer. In this way our experts can via a long-distance support diagnose problems, ensure fastest possible technical solutions and assist you with problems or other ad-hoc issues. If a failure solution via the long-distance support is not possible, and in case of a product failure, we sent you fitting spare parts fast and uncomplicated.

Our services : 
  • World-wide remote access to customer computer and control system
  • Long-distance diagnosis, long-distance maintenance and problem solution, if remote access is possible
  • Fast, uncomplicated implementation of optimizations and other changes
  • Available languages: English, Chinese 

Your advantage :
  • Fastest possible problem solution in case of failure
  • Security in critical situations
  • Direct support with Dragon Display software experts 
  • Avoiding high travel costs of service technicians 

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