A yearly inspection and preventive maintenance of your displays by our experienced service technicians can prevent damage and downtime. Careful attention to your display and maintenance ensure that the functionality will be kept over many years, which is especially for LED displays an important criterion. Regular maintenance are an important security measure, that reduce your risk of failures. Experienced Dragon Display technicians can see with their industry experience parts that might be need to changed and can fix minor problems before a bigger failure or malfunction occurs.

Our services : 
  • Inspection and preventive maintenance: functionality check
  • Fine-tuning and cleaning of the product, system check, software update, minor fixes
  • Report with recommendations for customer

Your advantage :
  • Best possible availability and usage of your LED display and higher productivity
  • Preventing expensive ad-hoc repairs if using qualified Dragon Display technical support inspection controls
  • Best possible value insurance of your system
  • Reducing your employees work hours spent on product maintenance 

We are happy to send you an offer for a regular maintenance that exactly matches your requirements. 

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