Dragon Display attaches great importance to this topic. We know that our customers use our products for important shows and installations. As a manufacturer of high quality LED displays the satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority. This is why customer support is always written in capital letters at Dragon Display. 

Our service specialists know the LED display hardware from the inside, and they perfectly understand the control systems and softwares to control the LED displays. Our technical support will in case of technical problems assist you quickly and uncomplicated to find effective and fast solutions. If support via telephone is not sufficient, with the help of remote control software we can also access your system from another location and solve technical problems to ensure that your system is always operating perfectly.

The high Dragon Display quality in combination with our regular technical support provided by experienced technicians guarantee that unexpected system failures are only very rare. You can be assured that, if one day a maintenance is necessary, that Dragon Display will mobilize all efforts to get your system working again. If it is necessary to have a service technician locally on place, we will arrange for an expert to be send to you. 

A quick supply of often needed spare parts is assured through our big spare parts inventory. At Dragon Display you will only get original replacement parts, that will fit exactly, have the same high material quality and functionality as the original display, and meet our quality control requirements. In cooperation with our logistic partners we can ship spare parts world-wide, fast, and reliable.

World-wide excellent service
We want to offer our customers an excellent service and be your reliable partner during the complete life-time of the product. Because like our LED display our customer support and spare parts supply represents quality and reliability. 

Ask us for more information and offers, our support team will always be at your side as a reliable, competent, motivated and competent partner. No matter if your LED display is in Asia, Europe, the Americas, or Africa, our technical support is always at your service.

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