Product Description

  • A high-performance, durable, super-lighweight, ultra-thin LED Display
  • High-definition 
  • High contrast
  • True black LED
  • No tools needed during installation
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Extremely user-friendly and simplicity for installation
  • Seamless connection with patented lock mechanism
  • Strongest frame materials for very high hanging and flying screens
  • Protective around-the-corner mask design to protect the LEDs
  • Super high refresh rate for new generation cameras
  • Clear image quality, eliminating ghost lines
  • Super vivid image on low brightness levels and high grayscale
  • Smoothest display images realized with highest refresh rates
  • Fanless construction ideal for noise sensitive areas such as TV and studio

SUPER LIGHT Magnesium-alloy structure only 4.7kg/panel 
A high-resolution Indoor LED Display suited for indoor installations in TV studios, corporate events, and car exhibitions. High refresh rate and excellent grey-scale. 

CARBON FIBER tensile strength up to 1200kg (TUV-tested)
Made of unbreakable, super light and thin Carbon Fiber,
Effectively increasing the frame tensile strength to more than 1000kg,
Conveniently serve as handles for installation,
The carbon fibre rods have 2 major functions:
They form part of the auxiliary frame and increase the tensile strength,
They can be used as screen handles when installing and dismantling the LED display,

FAST-CLICK assembly locks for single-handed use
Made of ultra strong Zinc-Alloy,
Fast-click system for single-handed use,
Super fast and easy usage during installation and dismantling,
Ultra strong hardness and tensile strength,
100% stronger then comparable aluminum locks,

FINE-TUNING Side-Assembly Locks 
Made of ultra-strong Zinc-Alloy, 
Guarantees a seamless installation, 
Easy to operate, 
Super fast positioning and installation, 
Rotate 90 degrees to connect and adjust, 
Evenness Level Indicator
Quick-view indicator to show evenness of the LED display,
Maintain the bubble in the center to ensure an even horizontal installation,
Very useful for hanging set-up with hanging truss

Made of super light-weight and ultra-strong magnesium-alloy, 
In strictest compliance with high production standards for structure and strength requirements, 
Each structure combines integrated mechanics, 
Each single frame weights below 2kg, 
An absolute singularity and major breakthrough in the industry and patented design,

LCD Display for usage status indication 
Easy to catch, Super big, 
around 3-4 times bigger then comparable products, 
LCD Display for usage status indication
Easy to catch, Super big,
around 3-4 times bigger then comparable products,
Chrystal-clear, with high resolution of 240 x 320 pix in full color,
around 9-10 times clearer then comparable products (128 x 64 pix),
Touch function, next-page feature, and user-friendly interface,
Can display nearly unlimited relevant screen performance information,
Software-switch off function, 

IP & Scanning board number 
allowing easy spotting of all panels for on-sight engineers and techs, 
instead of looking how and where the signal cables are connected.

AC current display &
 Real-time detection of AC current 
Designed with a progress bar from green (Safe) to red (not safe) color scheme, 
Very convenient for on-sight technicians in actual use of the product, 
Accurate confirmation of safe load capacity of power cables that are connecting to the LED display, 
Avoiding cable overloads, safe working environments, avoidance of accidents.

TEST Mode 
Direct & fast touch feature on the LCD display, 
Various and multiple test patterns, 
No more need to push buttons, 
Very user-friendly test system for testing purposes during installation, 
Tremendous efficiency improvement, 
Further functions 
Signal Flow Indicator, 
Backup Signal Flow Indicator, 
Total Panel Operating Time, 
Panel Production Code, 
Software Version Number and Update Status 

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